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Midwest Unlimited & Elk River Fall Protection Presents: An ANSI Minute

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The ANSI Z359.1 Standard, as we know it, is going away. There will be a new Z359.1, but it will be a reference or guidance tool and totally revamped from its original purpose. It has been replaced by an entire body of work known as The Fall Protection Code.

In 1992, there was only one-ANSI Z359.1 Standard that covered the entire voluntary consensus standard for fall protection in the industry. Now there are 12 Standards that make up the ANSI Z359 Fall Protection Code.

ANSI's Z359 Fall Protection Code goes into full effect on August 14, 2017. Narrated by Elk River's, Mark Conover, in partnership with Midwest Unlimited, we hope you enjoy our ANSI Minute segment of short, 60 second soundbites, that will brief you on important aspects of ANSI's Fall Protection Code.

ANSI Minute Audio Links (Click The Below  Links To Hear Audio):

  • August 14, 2017: ANSI Minute - The ANSI Z359.1 Fall Protection Code Face Lift
  • October 18, 2017: ANSI Minute - ANSI Z359.2 And How It Can Help You Establish Your Fall Protection Plan
    • OSHA has always required companies that work at heights to have a fall protection plan.  However, until ANSI Z359 Fall Protection Code Committee decided to tackle this issue, there has been very little guidance how to design, manage, and implement a comprehensive fall protection plan.  

      As you may already know, ANSI Z359.2 is a voluntary Standard but the OSHA Regulation to have a written Fall Protection Plan is required by law.  This ANSI Standard is designed to assist employer in developing the Fall Protection Plan to protect workers at heights and comply with the law.  Following the ANSI Comprehensive Fall Protection Plan includes: managing duties and training, hazards eliminated or controlled, written fall protection and rescue procedures, program implementation, incident and accident investigations, and program evaluation.  Conforming to the ANSI Z359.2 will demonstrate the employer is providing a safe working environment for all workers at height when exposed to fall hazards.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Mark Conover is Elk River's Western Regional Sales Manager. Mark has worked as a fall protection professional for more than 18 years. During his tenure, Mark has served as an active member of the ANSI Z359 Fall Protection Code Committee for over 11 years and has participated in several subcommittees (ANSI Z359.3; ANSI Z359.11; ANSI Z359.13; ANSI Z359.14; ANSI Z359.19) and the ANSI A10.32 Construction fall protection subcommittee. Mark is the author of numerous fall protection articles, webinars, and speaks publicly about fall protection across the United States.


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